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23 January 2006

so very windy that last night our house shook with each gust and the palm trees shed fronds which thumped onto our roof and the glass rattled in the windows. this morning i woke to a beautiful, freshly clean world of dream-blue skies and green green trees arching and swaying.

i love the winds. more than any other gift the world gives me. even more than rain, and that’s saying a lot. i love the feel of the wind against my skin. like a kiss from God. i love the way they make the trees speak. whispering secrets or even shreaking pain. they make clouds scud across the sky. or they leave the sky radiantly crystal clear. the make me remember that there are mountains in southern California–beautiful mountains with snow on their peaks.

i lean into them as i walk and fight with my skirt as they whip it around my legs and they are, for me, an insistent reminder of God’s grace.

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  1. 27 January 2006 10:06 am

    I like the wind, too.the other night, during the wind, i walked a ways to get to a friend’s house (down by the fire station, which is a was for me). It was absolutely delightful to be walking in the wind and be feeling the awe-inspiring power of such.And I love that i was the lone walker on the street that night. I didn’t have to share my wind w/anyone else. (hey, that sounds weird–no potty jokes intended).

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