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8 October 2006

more treasures.


  • chocolate. there are many reasons randi is my best friend. this week, she confirmed several of them by sending me a box of assorted chocolates from l’artisan du chocolate, a london-based chocolatier. a small box full of twenty assorted chocolates. some pure chocolate ganaches made from cocao beans grown in different areas of the world. some ganaches infused with spices, herbs, flowers, or fruites. all delicious. if you like chocolate, really like chocolate, you should indulge sometime.


  • chicken. i’m not a big one for chicken salad. never have been. but about four years ago, my two sisters, my mom and i went on our first girl trip–a driving tour of new england. we spent a night in portsmouth, new hampshire, before driving up the coast into main. in portsmouth, we discovered a little deli called bell pepper at which we found a chicken gorgonzola salad. it was so good that as we drove back south to boston, we pulled off the road in portsmouth to stop and buy it again. chicken, penne pasta, gorgonzola, celery, walnuts, red grapes, onion (red or green), and a blue cheesy dressing. it’s delicious. my mama made it this week (we improvise based on the list of ingredients the guy gave us when we bought it the second time) and i rediscovered exactly how lovely it is.


  • haley bonar. i downloaded her album “…the size of planets” and have fallen in love with it. a bit folksy, a bit alternative. gorgeous voice. if you want women singer-songwriters, some others i’ve recently discovered (although not this week) include nina nastasia, regina spektor, deb talan, ida, hem, and jenny lewis. some of them use male vocals, too, but they’re all driven by women. and check out the innocence mission. good stuff that.
  • faith. on the radio. NPR to be exact. i’ve been listening to speaking of faith for a long time. today’s program was interesting–an interview with paraplegic matthew sanford who has become an expert yoga instructor and author. all about the mind-body connection. the show takes widely varied approaches to faith and features an impressive group of religious and philosophical personalities. it’s worth a listen. on kpcc 89.3 at 4:00 on sunday afternoons.
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  1. 9 October 2006 10:02 pm

    Love the fact you’re writing on your blog so much!

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