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29 March 2007

my sister natasha and her husband mark are currently in the process of adopting three children from haiti. K, M, and R are beautiful children who have been in institutional care for most of their young lives. K currently lives in the Holt Fontana Village, where four or five children live in small cottages with caregivers rather than in a large institutional style orphanage. currently holt fontana provides for between 20 and 25 children, but they are planning on building additional cottages so they can care for more children.

after visiting haiti last year, tash and mark wanted to do something for the children at holt fontana–give them some kind of memory book so they would have pictures of their friends, the people who loved and cared for them, and where they are from when they move to the u.s. to live with their adoptive families. when they heard that holt fontana was planning on building new cottages and needed to raise the funds, tash and mark turned their memory book into a cookbook that could be sold to help raise money.

the kids from haiti cookbook is a pretty cookbook, full of pictures of these beautiful children. it’s also full of great recipes collected from the children’s adoptive families, people who work for holt fontana, and people involved in the scrapbooking industry. my sister’s company (thus the scrapbook connection), QuicKutz, has donated all of the labor to assemble the cookbook. 100% of the profits from the sale of the book will be given to holt fontana for construction of additional cottages and to support children at risk (only cost of printing and shipping will be deducted from the sale price). the book costs $20. i’ve used it already and it has some great recipes in it. it would make a wonderful gift. and most of all the money its sale raises will go to a wonderful cause.

if you can help by buying a cookbook, please do. you can find information about the cookbook and how to order it on QuicKutz Kids from Haiti Cookbook website. click here for an order form. click here for basic information about life in haiti and the conditions children there face.

you can place an order by filling out and submitting the order form. or you can call QuicKutz at 1.801.376.5666. you can pay by either check or credit card. orders must be submitted by april 6.

if you know me and will see me in the next week, you can order through me. if you’re having trouble with the links i provided and would like me to email you information directly, drop me an email at whilikers at hotmail dot com.

our world is so full of darkness. these children have had their taste of that darkness. but somehow they hold onto the hope and light that i believe we are each born with. please do whatever you can to help them. please share the link to this entry with whoever you think would be interested. thank you.

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  1. 29 March 2007 9:36 pm

    Amy,I’m interested in possibly harassing our activities chair to host an auction/sale of donated items, with the proceeds going to stopping the genocide in Darfur, or perhaps, going to an orphanage in Haiti. Do you think this sounds doable? And if so, we should talk sometime so I can get specifics about the orphanage your sister is working with.

  2. 29 March 2007 11:01 pm

    it does sound doable. and i could certainly get more info to you about the orphanage. it’s a partnership between a haitian couple and an american non-profit agency that has been helping with orphans and facilitating international adoptions for 50 years or so. they’re a wonderful organization. let me know if you need more info.

  3. 3 April 2007 12:12 am

    Amy-Thanks for your help! We are commited to ordering 2000 books regardless of the number of orders we have come April 6th… keep pushing if you will. The cost for 2000 vs. 1000 books is almost half – so we are going to stretch a bit in effort to raise more money for the children of Haiti. Holt has a waiting list of children. Until they can expand they remain on the waiting list. The money we earn from the sale of this cookbook will help the Holt Fontana Village build the required homes so they can help more children. I struggle with the memory of a little boy who probably had AIDS that couldn’t keep any food down. We went into a remote area of Haiti to see some of the wells that Peter Fontana was so proud of and responsible for building. On the way back we stopped in the small clinic in Montrois. The Doctor had very little to work with. And the poor little boy he was trying to help was very sick and unable to keep any food down. The skinniest dog I have ever seen came along and cleaned up what the boy couldn’t keep down. It is those memories of our trip to Haiti that I remember when I’m feeling tired of pushing people to buy a cookbook. We have so much! We can always do more. The cookbook is a start.I love you!tash

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