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29 August 2007

after living out of a suitcase for seven-plus weeks, i came home last night. and it was perfectly lovely sleeping in my own bed (no more twin beds, air mattresses, futons [though that particular futon is more comfortable than most of the beds i’ve slept in], or back-breaking hide-a-beds). i’ve had lots of adventures in the last three weeks. i thought i’d take the time to post from my sister’s house while i was gone, but when it came right down to it i was either writing the project i needed to write to finish my last course (yay!) or playing with my family. so the blog (and the guest posting at fMh) have been ignored. i’ll be catching up in the next few days. art, food, architecture, darling nieces and nephews, and tripping alarms. not to mention nearly tripping over my own two feet in the middle of a street in front of on-coming traffic, which (naturally) resulted in near-hysterical laughter.

i’m glad to be home (though i miss J&R and their beautiful girls already).

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  1. 29 August 2007 11:35 am

    Being away from HOME always makes BEING HOME so nice! Can’t wait to hear more about your fun visit!Right now…..I have a list that is pretty scary with stuff that MUST be accomplished before next MONDAY!!! Eeeek!If you would like to join us….we have a long layover in LA on Tuesday the 4th. HEY….thats your birthday!!! Let us know – sounds like Mom, Dad AND Josh are planning to meet us at the airport. So excited we are finally going to Haiti I can’t think straight and eating and sleeping….well, who has time for THAT?love you!

  2. 29 August 2007 6:46 pm

    Glad you made it home safely. M woke up this morning and asked, “Where’s Amy?” I said you went home and she was a bit disappointed. I guess the fact you weren’t here last night didn’t phase her but this morning was just too much. Have fun at the concert! Love ya.

  3. 30 August 2007 9:34 pm

    the concert was wonderful.and i love little M. i hope her first week of kindergarten isn’t too traumatic… make sure you keep us updated about that.

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