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2 April 2008

a couple weeks ago at atomic, i overheard a friend commenting about her upcoming 80s birthday party and didn’t think much of it until j(wh) mentioned we’d been invited. so it sat on a backburner in my mind as i graded papers and put up with back pain (yuck!) until the night before the party when, again chatting with friends at atomic, it came out that they were all dressing up for the 80s party. K mentioned molly ringwald, which got the wheels turning in my head. i’ve been told more than once that i look like her, so i thought it would be fun to play that up. here’s what my molly-focused brain cooked up:

a green straw hat which i bought about 12 years ago and which i still have kicking around my wardrobe.

to which i added some bright pink and white silk flowers and a pale green ribbon i picked up for $5 at joann’s.

bright pink and purple double-disk earrings found amidst the retro accessories target’s selling these days.

my little brother’s white, long-sleeved dress shirt, which is (of course) way too big for me.

a bright pink, wide elastic belt, also kicking around my wardrobe for the last however many years.

a green cotton double skirt with big bucket pockets and eyelet on the underskirt.

incredibly bright pink fishnet stockings i found on clearance in portland, oregon about three years ago.

clear plastic shoes i found on a sales rack at t.j. maxx and picked up just for a purpose like this.

and let me tell you–add up those elements, and you’ll channel molly ringwald circa pretty in pink perfectly. take a look for yourself:

so i threw together my hat, donned my duds, applied my face (a truly special occasion–i actually wore make-up), and headed off to a local japanese market where i was meeting j(wh) for a bite to eat before heading to his place and from there the party. i naturally got a few looks on the way in. all the effort was worth it when i caught sight of j(wh) and our friend T. j(wh) was expecting me dressed up, but he was still surprised. and T–T didn’t even recognize me.

after a dash up the freeway and j(wh) cleaning up, we headed off to the party where our friends greeted me with laughter and praise for the outfit. and i thought that was it. the party was tons of fun. great food. L (birthday girl) and a few friends dancing ballroom to some classic 80s tunes. lots of dancing (not the best idea in the clear vinyl + fishnets combo), including a soul train line. but i thought the fun of seeing each other in costume was the sole purpose for dressing up.

much to my surprise there was a contest. and to my even bigger surprise, the prize was two tickets to the police (and elvis costello) concert in may. so i was excited to be one of the three finalists called to the stage, but a bit apprehensive when it was audience choice who would win. but i was having fun that night and decided, what the hell–may as well ham it up. so when the emcee asked for applause for ‘molly,’ i pulled the pose in that picture and blew the audience a kiss. and when it was narrowed down to our friend F (who came dressed as flavor flav, complete with an enormous clock hanging around his neck) and me, i kissed him on the cheek. and blew more kisses to the audience before L and her two friends picked me as the winner.

so much fun! it’s been ages since i had such a good time at a party. well, maybe not ages, but at least since new year’s. i shouldn’t be surprised. life’s been much more fun with j(wh) at my side. can you see why?

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  1. 2 April 2008 5:20 pm

    Love the outfit…and if you really need me to I could fly out for the concert and go with you…just let me know!

  2. 2 April 2008 8:15 pm

    Oh, I was just going to generously offer the same thing! SO fun! I’m not very creative when it comes to costumes…you rocked it!

  3. 2 April 2008 11:57 pm

    I’d skip going if zeeny really came out and I got to meet her. And she agreed to come dancing with us.

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