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15 May 2009
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let’s talk about a monumental waste of money : hiring an aerial advertising agency to tow a huge image of an aborted fetus with the words “ten week abortion” in circles over notre dame’s campus because obama is delivering a speech at their graduation ceremony.  i understand the complaint.  obama has made decisions that are pro-choice.  notre dame is a catholic university.  the catholic church is opposed to abortion.  result: conflict.  i’m not saying there shouldn’t be some discussion as a result of this situation.  i personally think it’s a bit silly to reduce obama to his pro-choice stance when he’s clearly a much more complex character.  i also think people should recognize that he takes a principled stance in favor of life–through education, medical care, support for single mothers, etc.

but flying an aerial anti-abortion ad over notre dame’s campus every day for two weeks before graduation? that’s nothing more than a self-centered attention grabber.  and using an image of an aborted fetus is as manipulative and exploitative as it comes.  if you’re really opposed to abortion, dear aerial-ad-flyers, might i suggest you find a productive way of spending that money?  you could help support single mothers who choose to keep their babies.  or you could provide contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  or you could support education programs meant to teach teens how to avoid pregnancy.  but i forget–that would contradict the basic hypocrisy of so much of the pro-life movement, the hypocrisy of declaring pro-life! pro-life! while simultaneously denying contraception and education.  the brilliance of humanity does astound.

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  1. 16 May 2009 4:54 am

    I must say those pictures really annoy me. Once there was a group of protestors outside the conference center after general conference with a bunch of those pictures. I thought it was odd…is there a secret underground of mormons who aborts?? We get those protestors quite a bit in front of our local hospital…which happens to be on the way to church. Of course they were out in full force once Sunday with tons of gruesome pictures and my little two year old was quite concerned. It upset me that I had no choice in the matter of my two year old seeing those pictures. I think it does more harm to their cause than good, at least in my book.

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