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5 September 2009
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so yesterday was my birthday.  and i cannot say how glad i am to put a close to the last year–to heartbreak and major depression and everything that comes with it.  i’ve been thinking back over the year and have to admit that i don’t have many more answers now to the questions i was asking then, but i am much happier. and it is good to be happy.  so here are a few things that make me happy:

  • thai nakorn.  i just can’t get enough.  and, happily, they have reopened their original location.
  • a day at disneyland with a friend.  for free!  
  • a birthday shopping spree at anthropologie.  that store is pure evil…
  • a beautiful new niece who i can’t wait to meet at christmastime.
  • four rambunctious, mischievous nephews and an evening at chuck e. cheese’s.
  • making progress on my school work.
  • seeing a copy of homer’s iliad in the front seat of a slightly beat up full size pick-up.
  • wonderful food and conversation with friends–not only at our birthday dinner, but often.
  • a beautiful, cozy new scarf to take with me on my winter trip to new york.
  • my good friend george’s happiness in her new relationship.
  • spending time with my beautiful little nieces, my little sister, and her wonderful husband.
  • evenings out with my siblings and their spouses and our parents.
in short, life has made me happy.  and that in spite of the fact that not everything is peachy keen.  and i like being happy.
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  1. 19 September 2009 3:07 pm

    Glad I was involved in two of the things that made you happy!!!

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