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101 Things: Update Month One

21 February 2012

The Project: complete 101 things in 1001 days.  Finish by Sunday, October 12, 2014.

The update details:

  • I reserve the right to edit the list if circumstances demand a change or two.  If I change something, I’ll note it in a monthly update.
  • Activities in progress are in italics.
  • Activities completed are struck through.
  • Recurring activities are updated with a countdown and/or a bullet list below them of what I’ve done.
  • When I write about a particular activity, I’ll link to it on the list.
Hope you have fun following my (mis)adventures!

The Update

1. Monthly culture–visit a site, go to a concert, see an exhibit, go on an art walk, etc. (1/33)

  • My Valentine’s gift from Paul: an evening out to see Red followed by dinner & dessert.

17. Extend a micro-loan through Kiva or a similar organization; make it an ongoing loan that goes out again once I’ve been repaid.

  • Loan 1: to Chang in Cambodia, where she farms rice and potatoes; to rent additional farmland with the goal of eventually buying more plots

33. Try a new food (or a food I’ve been saying I don’t like) once a month. (1/33)

Beets (yum!) ·

36. Get a piggy bank.  Use it to save spending money for an upcoming vacation.

37. Pay off my credit card.

40. Watch a TED video or listen to an an iTunes U lecture once a month. In other words, learn something new. (1/33)

42. Get into the habit of using a calendar/planner and to-do lists to plan and organize my days.

58. Make it a habit to start my day with a decent breakfast.

72. Make it a habit to cook healthy, balanced meals for dinner at least five nights a week (except when I’m on the road; then I’ll buy healthy, balanced meals). Note: I still need to work on the healthy meals while traveling; somehow it’s much harder to eat a healthy meal when the restaurant offers such unhealthy yumminess.  That said, tonight I got soup and a salad (of course, I did have beef jerky & peanut M&Ms for lunch).

94. Explore street art on a monthly basis.  There are a couple places in the city where people paint pretty regularly; it’ll be fun to track the changes. (1/33)

  • Month 1: No changes to the street art at 3rd South just west of 2nd East, but there was a kinda cool bike on the side of Nobrow Coffee.

96. Memorize one poem a month.  It’s kind of old school, but I like the idea of memorizing poetry.  When I did it before, it was a good way to be thinking regularly about a particular poem and how it works. (1/33)

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