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25 March 2012

It’s springtime in Salt Lake.  My hyacinths have opened, filling the air with their rich perfume.  My tulips are showing buds.  My cherry tree will burst any day.  My maples have started blooming.  The world is coming alive again after winter.  I’ve spent my spare time this weekend wandering around, finding the magic of new life.  P introduced me to the earliest blooming maple in the valley, which was beautiful.  We took a meandering drive through the Avenues looking for new blooms and discovered the tallest black tulip magnolia either of us had ever seen.  And when we walked through temple square, the gate leading into the yard around the temple was open so we explored a little nook with a star magnolia in full bloom and lots of white crocuses.

I love the world in the spring.  Every venture out my front door, from long walks actively searching out the world’s beauties to mundane three minute trips to the dumpster, brings a wealth of rejuvenation–both my own and the earth’s.

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